The Best Processor Gaming Phone

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Which Mobile Processor Should Be Used To Play The Game?

Hey guys first of all we will know which mobile we should buy to play the game and which mobile should not buy

And which company should you buy and how much money you should buy?


As you know, every person has a hobby of playing games and everyone must have an Android smartphone

Do you know whether the smartphone you have is eligible to play the game or not

It is not that you cannot play games on the smartphone that you have, but you can play games on it, but whether the mobile phone has the capacity to play that game or not, it is very important to know

For this, we take an exam as if you give a one-year-old child something to drink in water.

And give the other child who is 10 years old, the child who is 1 year old knows that it is water but he will not know what is added to it.

And he will drink the water while there, if a 10-year-old child is allowed to drink, then that child will not drink water, he will know that this water is not drinkable.

Both know that it is water, similarly, you should know whether the processor installed in your mobile also supports that game or not.

When you go to the market to get a mobile phone, you will get a lot of mobile phones.

Which will have different company’s mobiles and will have different types of processors.

But how do we know whether the processor installed in this mobile is the right processor to play games or not

For this, we first need to know what the processor is and how it works on your mobile.


Which Mobile Is Best For Gaming

What Is The Processor?

For what the processor is, we will also take an exam that will be very easy for you to understand. Suppose there is a car

And there is an engine in the car, that engine plays the most main role if the car has the engine of the best company.

And the parts used in it are also very good company, so your car will work very smooth and will run well.

Similarly, the car would have an engine of a useless company and the parts used in it would have been local, then your car would stop intermittently and might even go bad.

Similarly, the processor also works on your mobile, if your mobile has the best processor, then your mobile will work well.

When it comes to mobile processors, it is often asked that your processor is Octa-Core, Dual-core, Quad-core processor.

After all, what is the work of all these in the processor, what is the work of Core in the processor?

What Does The Core Work In The Processor?

Core work plays the most important role in the processor, we will also consider it as an exam

Suppose you are filling mud in a car and it takes 8 hours

At the same time, with your friend, that is, 2 people means dual-core, so you would complete this work in 4 hours, that is, half of your time would be settled and hard work also seemed less.

And this work is done by four people i.e. Quad-core, so you can complete the work in 2 hours.

And with 8 people Octa-Core filling the soil, you would have completed the work in 1 hour, which would save your time and the car would be quicker and less hard.

Which Mobile Is Best For Gaming


Buy Which Processor Mobile Phone?

You will find many mobile phones in which professors of different company are engaged

Which will get SnapDragon processor, Media-Tech chipset processor, Samsung Exynos, Hisilicon, processor

The best processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 plus in which you can play heavy games like heavy free fire games, Puzzy games, lots of mobile games, and many more games.

Which you can play very easily and it is very important to have RAM as well, if your mobile has 6GB 8GB RAM and the processor is Samsung Exynos 7580, then 6GB 8GB RAM mobile is of no use.

Because you are getting good RAM, but the processor is bad, then heavy games will run in your mobile but it will stop and your mobile will hang in it.

Let me tell you some of the best processors which will be very good for you.

As many processors as Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 plus, Apple A12 Bionic, Hisilicon Kirin 990, Samsung Exynos 990, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus, Apple A14, Apple A13, it is all the best that will be very useful in playing your games.


Today, I have told you about the best mobile on your post that which processor mobile will be the best for you, you have liked my post