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Teen Patti Winner Game About

Teen Patti Gold - 3 Patti & Rummy & Poker (2)

Teen Patti Winner Mod Apk in which you are being given (Unlimited Money/Chips) For Free Android this App has been completely modified. You can enjoy this App to the fullest by downloading this App or is a 100% secure MOD APK. Within this App, you are being given Unlimited Money and Mod absolutely free.

Teen Patti Winner game is a card game that we can earn a lot of money by playing this game is very easy to play, for this, you just have to take care of some things when you have some rules of this game. If you understand, then you can easily earn a lot of money, even without investing in 1 rupee.

How To Play 

Teen Patti Gold - 3 Patti & Rummy & Poker (1)

Teen Patti game is a popular teen Patti game. This game is a card game in which 52 cards are used without a joker. In which each card has its own value as you know that the 52 cards are considered to be the largest ace and the smallest card is considered as a double card. Teen Patti Winner game is a 3 card game.

Under which there is a group ranging from three people to six people, in which 3 cards are given to each person when all the people open their cards which person has the largest card.

That person wants to live that game but what are the big cards and what are the small cards in it, I will tell you that it will be very easy for you to play this game in 52 card cards which anyone can play very easily. Is

In this, you have to remember only 6 rules, if you understand these 6 rules, then you will understand the game comfortably and will be able to play which 6 rules.

There Are 6 Rules of Card 

Earned 1000 Rupees To 2000 Rupees Daily From Teen Patti Winner Game For Absolutely free

The largest and most important address is celebrated with the Trail of Set (Three Of the Same Rank) which consists of a 3-leaf set which is the largest, ranging from three doggies to three kings and 3 aces.

The second card is Pure Sequence which is smaller than the first card, which consists of 3 cards which are like 234 with serial numbers and 567 Ghulam Begum Badshah, Begum Badshah Ace are such cards.

The third card is Sequence (Run), inside it you get 3 cards which are different colored cards like 234 but all three are of different colors of cut, in which the second card is of bricks.

The third card is of the bird, the fourth card is of the card in this way, it is a card with different color serial numbers, in which the smallest card is 234 and the largest Begum Badshah card.

The fourth card is of color in which there are 3 cards with the same color, such as 235 cards are of the same color, in which the third card of the Duggi Paan is also of the pan and 5 cards are also of the pan color or are considered a color card.

The fifth card is of Pair (Two Card of the Same Rank) in which there are 2 card beans and the third card is different such as two slaves and kings cards.

The sixth card is the High Card which is the smallest card. It also has 3 cards which are of different colors which include cards with 235 numbers and it contains the big card Ghulam Begum Ace Card.

How To Download Teen Patti Winner Game

Earned 1000 Rupees To 2000 Rupees Daily From Teen Patti Winner Game For Absolutely free

There are a lot of options available for downloading the Teen Patti Winner game, in which I will tell two options, the first one is Google in which you can go and download the Teen Patti Winner game.

The second option is the Play Store app, where you can easily download this Teen Patti Winner game.

To create an account in the Teen Patti Winner game, all you need is a mobile number and Facebook ID, which everyone has nowadays.

When you open the Teen Patti Winner game, the mobile number option will appear in front of you and the option of Facebook will also appear, you can create your account with anyone.

For example, to create a mobile number, you have to provide your mobile number, then you will get an OTP, you will have to enter it, then you will have to create a password when your account is created, then you get a Rs 20 signup bonus which is absolutely free.

How To Withdraw Money From The Teen Patti Winner Game

To withdraw money from the Teen Patti Winner game, you will have to verify your account number, for this, you click on the withdrawal option, then you will be asked to verify the bank account in front of you. Can you withdraw

To add money in the Teen Patti Winner game, you will see the option of balance add on the bottom, by clicking on it you can add from 100 rupees to a thousand rupees, in which you also get some extra bonus.

In the Teen Patti Winner game, you get to play 2 games. The first game is Teen Patti in which 3 cards are found, the biggest card of which will be won by the person in which you have a minimum move of .10 money and a maximum of 100 rupees. You can also enter the trick

The second game in which you get one card joker and 2 cards are of different numbers, which makes it the easiest game as if you get 2 cards of 9 numbers, then your joker card gets a serial by number card which is Becomes the largest card


Today I have told you about the Teen Patti Winner game in my post. This game is a 52 card game and how you can play it and create your account. Hope you have liked my post.