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Survival Squad is a free online shooter game that players against each other in a shrinking range. Collect supplies to eliminate enemies to become the last person standing in this 100 player Battle Royale battleground.

You will get extremely fun no matter you are solo, dual, or team. Do you crave that indescribable thrill that gets you all pumped up? Then Survival Squad is for you!

Join thousands of others on your server and try to win over the other players on the island—it’s that simple. No unfair mechanics, no random draws. All you can rely on is your skill and your chill!

Now, better get ready for the adventure. The last one standing just might be you! A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this mod! I hope that the survival crew will be added more often and for free in our future updates! Thank You All!!

I also put together a map by wotakosky called “Sniper Point” which contains some stuff similar but much bigger than what has been shown so far 😀 Download Sniper Point Map here


Survival Mode is a gameplay trailer that will be available on digital download only.

For those who prefer to preview the demo version of this beta and not watch or listen too early, you can grab it here if you are feeling brave (warning: You may experience some slight FPS drops).

 I need your help! Help me get “Dying Light” in retail distribution for PS4, Xbox One & PC!

I want every gamer out there to have an amazing time with my next survival sim release based on their own personal gameplay experiences. And hey. It’s FU

Survival Squad GAME OF THE YEAR

The ultimate survival game for PC and Mac! Download a massive collection of weapons, tools & gear to battle hordes against AI-controlled monsters in this unique multiplayer shooter experience.

Play as either the SWAT team or your own personal “hunter”, from squad leader to sniper (or even an assassin), equipped with hundreds of more items than can be fitted into their basic assault rifles.

Pick up explosives, ammo boxes filled full at each loadout slot, hand grenades, smart bombs…

it’s all there available if you need ’em. Grab what suits ya best – but don’t forget about the cover: do not just go straight ahead