WorldRemit Reviews

Ismael Ahmad was a London student who had difficulty sending money to his family in East Africa. Then, his vision grows through a simple, easy, and secure service from WorldRemit

WorldRemit Reviews
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He grew his company in 2010, thanks to help from Catherine Wines and Richard Igoe, who are now the co-founder. His team leads from London, UK

The innovative idea from this company allows every user to send money internationally with a cost-effective fee. Furthermore, the payment method and receive ways are varied. 

Currently, the company has many followers and users. There are more than 52.2K on Instagram and 957K on Facebook. If you want to dive into this company, read on WorldRemit review thoroughly. Hence, let’s start the exploration! 

Why Use WorldRemit?

After reading the introduction, you may be curious about the brand’s strength for the users. Below, I will break them down on the highlights. 

WorldRemit Highlights 

  • Securely send money internationally with effective services
  • Offers 46% more affordable fee than competitors
  • Accurate exchange rates 
  • Transfer money to more than 130 countries worldwide
  • Site and application are eligible for the transaction
  • The transaction completes within minutes 
  • The app is compatible with iOS and Android systems
  • Have partners with many banks in eligible regions 

What's On WorldRemit

Since we focus on an online service company, the discussion will enroll on the features and transaction process. What will the topic be?

What's On WorldRemit
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I want you to understand the company well, so here are the three topics discussed in the WorldRemit review

  • Countries Destination
  • Transfer Money Methods
  • App Reviews 

Then, are you ready to dig deeper? Without further ado, let’s get started! 

WorldRemit Countries Destination

Users may send money to over 130 countries worldwide. Whoever the recipient is, your money will arrive safely. Here are the eligible countries for money transfer transactions. 

  • Africa: Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, etc. 
  • America: The continental US area, Mexico, Jamaica, Chile, Brazil, etc.  
  • Asia: China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, etc. 
  • Australia Oceania: Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand 
  • Europe: Albania and Turkey
  • Middle East: Lebanon and UAE  

You can see the complete information on this eligible country‘s page. For example, suppose you can’t find your destination, meaning the region is unsuitable for transfer. 

WorldRemit Transfer Money Methods

You may complete the money transfer method through five methods, allowing you to select the one you’re comfortable with. So, here are the explanations. 

  • Mobile Money
    Many countries have mobile money app which allows you to save or shop through them. If you own this app, you can complete the transaction effectively.
  • Cash Pickup
    This method allows your recipient to collect the physical cash from a supported location. Remember that your recipient requires identity verification to withdraw the money you send.
  • Bank Transfer
    Users can transfer money through the recipient’s bank account. However, the bank must be connected to the company. Luckily, the company can send money effectively through the site or app.
  • Airtime Top-up
    Next, this method is perfect for any network service, such as voice, mobile data, SMS, etc. Airtime top-up will instantly send directly to the recipient in no time.
  • Home Delivery
    Last but not least, home delivery allows users to send physical money to the recipients. Note that you must provide the personal information so that it sends to the exact person you want to give. 

Whatever transfer method you choose, ensure you can fulfill the requirements. You may also visit this page to see the terms and conditions. 

WorldRemit App Reviews

As discussed, the company offers a money transfer service through the application. It is available for free in Google Play Store and App Store

WorldRemit App Reviews
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You can download it immediately and trust the app to send money internationally. Moreover, it has high ratings, which are charged.

Many people prove its efficiency and are successful in sending money. So if you prefer an easy app rather than opening a website, download it for free by clicking the link below now! 

WorldRemit Pricing

How much does WorldRemit charge to send money?

The cost of money transfer differs from the country and how nominal you want to send. It doesn’t have an exact fee because every country has different terms and conditions. You can check the fee on this page.

But, no need to worry because offers a cost-effective fee. Furthermore, you may also use the 3FREE promo code to be free from service fees for the first three transfers. So, let’s transfer now! 

How Does WorldRemit Work?

A guide to money transfer method

You may be curious about the process of using the service. Below, I will break the steps down so that no mistake occurs. Here we go! 

  1. First, create an account through the official website or application with an email and a strong password. 
  2. The company will inspect your account and gives a verification within several minutes.
  3. Then, log in to your account.
  4. After that, start transferring your money by selecting the county and method.
  5. You need to submit the amount of money, and the company will provide the exchange rate.
  6. Enter the details of the recipient and complete the transaction. 
  7. That’s it! The team will immediately begin the process to send the transfer immediately. 

Fortunately, the company offers three methods to pay your transaction. You may choose between a bank deposit, credit, or debit card. So, are you ready to transfer money? 

WorldRemit Money Pick Up

How do I receive money through WorldRemit?

You know how to send money. But what if you are the recipient? It is easy, tho! You only need WorldRemit Wallet, which is available through the app. 

Do the steps below if you want to take your money. 

  1. First things first, sign up for an account on the application and start logging in.
  2. If you have one already, activate the wallet by submitting personal information
  3. Wait until your account is verified, and you’re good to go. 
  4. Once someone sends you money, you’ll immediately receive it through the wallet in the correct currency.
  5. Lastly, withdraw the money to your bank account, and you can use the money right away! 

Then, what will you do to your money? Let’s withdraw it to fulfill your needs now! 

WorldRemit Pros and Cons

While writing this WorldRemit review, I will break down the brand’s pros and cons. So here is the list; take a closer look now! 

WorldRemit Pros

  • Transfer money domestic and overseas effectively
  • Cost-effective fees
  • More than 130 eligible countries
  • The process only takes several minutes
  • Three acceptable payment methods
  • Fast and secure transaction

WorldRemit Cons

  • Currently, I don’t find any contradictive things from the company. 

Is WorldRemit Worth It?

Money transfer companies commonly offer high fees for their services. Fortunately, WorldRemit does not do so.

Therefore, it is worth downloading and using because the price is affordable. Not only is the company provide an excellent app, but also it is eligible for more than 130 countries.

With only one tap, you can send money to your beloved people and completes the transaction within minutes. Then, let’s surprise them with a transfer now! 

Is WorldRemit Legit?

Using a money transfer service may be worrying due to the scam possibility. But don’t worry because WorldRemit is legit, thanks to the secure SSL certification. 

It provides the best with a high rating of the application. Many people use it and are grateful for the service. Thus, you can ask for help by calling customer service whenever you need assistance. 

WorldRemit Customer Reviews

What Do Clients Think?

This section will let you check on user satisfaction. By reading them, you may understand how worth the company to trust. 

WorldRemit Customer Reviews
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Currently, the company receives a 4/5 rating on Trustpilot. Meanwhile, the app includes to #100 applications in Finance category on App Store with a 4.8/5 rating from 79.4K testimonials. 

What about on Google Play Store? It also gets a high score, 4.3/5, from 152K reviews. So here is a satisfied customer said:

This is a great improvement for money transfer worldwide. It is the most user-friendly app for money transfer, simple, and the best so far! Great job!

This client stated that the app is user-friendly and easy to use. He even claimed that it is the best for money transfers. 

Another one said:

I’ve sent money through WorldRemit. The service is always quick, easy and smooth, the rates are good, and makes it very easy to send money to Pakistan.

This client uses the app frequently to send money to Pakistan. He is satisfied with the service because it is quick, efficient, and has good rates. 

Long story short, WordlRemit provides the best service people can use. Money transfer is efficiently completed to 130 countries. Thus, many users are satisfied and give high ratings to the app. 

WorldRemit Customer Service

How to Contact WorldRemit

Suppose you need assistance, you can visit the FAQs page on the official website. However, if the page does not have the answer to your questions, here is the list of phone numbers you can contact. 


Somaliland +252 252 3737
South Africa +27 105 0069 22
Rwanda +250 788 129 800
Uganda +256 800 113 330


Japan +81-50-6862-3679
Malaysia +60 1800 818 717
Philippines +63 285 4000 31

Australia and New Zealand

Australia +61 1800 569135
New Zealand +64 800 995 011


Belgium +32 800 54282 Netherlands +31 203 697 480
Croatia +38 517 776 397 Norway +47 21 99 94 85
Denmark +45 80 81 06 10 Spain +34 900 431 571
France +33 805 220535 Sweden +46 20 160 43 48
Italy +39 06 94803110 Switzerland +414 350 86414
Germany +49 800 112 2299    


UK +44 203 9666899

USA & Canada

Canada +1 833 596 0890
Canada (French) +1 833 719 0499
USA +1 855 383 7579

What if your country doesn’t include in the list above? Don’t worry because you can call customer service at +44 203 9666899

Where to Access WorldRemit

Users can access the service through the official website or application. As previously discussed, the app is free on Android and iOS systems. 

Do not forget to sign up for an account or log in so that you can begin transferring money. Hence, prepare yourself, and let’s begin the process now! 

WorldRemit Tracking

Users can track the money transfer progress through these two methods, are:

Through Official Website

  1. Open the website and click Transfer in Progress at the top of the page
  2. Then, choose the transaction to see its status

Through Application

  1. Open the application 
  2. Select Transfer in Progress at the upper part of the Activity page
  3. After that, you can check the status by clicking the transaction 

Whenever you need support, don’t hesitate to contact the team based on your region. Call them directly for assistance.


Let's find the most frequent problems on WorldRemit

Users may be curious about several affairs, so here are the answers you can obtain. 

Which bank uses WorldRemit?

Typically, banks that use the service from this company have USD in currency. Please ensure that both the sender and recipient use USD to finish the money transfer. 

Is WorldRemit available in USA?

Yes, the company is available in the USA. Society in this country can use the app to send money wherever their destinations are. 

Is WorldRemit same as Western Union?

No, they are not. This company offers more affordable prices, which allow users to send money effectively. Even better, the country’s destination is wider than Western Union. 

What is the minimum transfer for WorldRemit?

There is no minimum amount of money you can transfer. Meanwhile, the maximum amount you can transfer is $5000, with $300 per transaction. 


Sending money to overseas countries is no longer difficult due to the simple and easy-to-use application from WorldRemit. This company offers money transfers worldwide with more than 130 eligible countries. 

You can download the app for free or use the website to transfer. So, which destination will you send money to? Let’s prepare and transfer as fast as you can now! 

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