Vendoo review

What does Vendoo Do?

In essence, Vendoo simplifies your effort in managing your business. They help you cross-listing multiple items you have on various platforms at once. You can add images, track sales, and export the reports for further analysis.

Vendoo review
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One of the main purposes of Vendoo is to empower all resellers worldwide by positively impacting your business scale. It will give you more than a product listing.

Vendoo has a working partnership with Sellhound, so you can always check for the prices from the competitors.

Its popularity is undoubted; it shows from the number of its social media followers, which are 4.4k members on Facebook, 3.2k subscribers on Youtube, and 320 followers on Twitter.

You can always be ahead of other resellers with your competitive pricing. And the best part is that you only need one dashboard, Vendoo.

This Vendoo Review gives you insights about whatever you must know about the brand. Thus, read on!

Why Vendoo?

As the number of marketplaces continues to grow, it’s getting too complicated to keep track of your sales on each platform. Using Vendoo is the only solution that makes sense.

You don’t have to manually list and update the stocks on each platform. Say goodbye to the confusion and bad reviews due to the lack of responses or bad services. With Vendoo, you can easily top the market in your area.


  • Price Checker Tool
  • Stale Listing Reminders
  • Multiple Online Marketplace Support
  • Various subscription plans
  • Refer-a-Friend

What's On Vendoo

Vendoo is more than just an app to help you list products on various marketplaces. It has multiple features that can help you grow your reseller. You can edit the images, set templates for all platforms, and more.

Vendoo also offers several programs such as affiliates and refer-a-friends where you can earn more by spreading your links.

Upon signing up, you will have access to all available marketplaces. However, you can only cross-list one item to a maximum of 3 platforms. If you want to cross-list to more marketplaces, do bulk editing, or import more items, you can purchase an add-on or bundle.

If you still have doubts about the service, you can always take the free accounts for the month. The only difference between the plans is how many items you can add to the list monthly.

Vendoo App Review

Vendoo is available for your mobile devices. Head over to Google Apps Store and Apple Play Store to download. Join tens of thousands of other users who have downloaded this app on their devices.

Vendoo App Review
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Most of the responses were also positive, with most people leaving five-star reviews, placing the app on a 4.3 and 4.5 stars average.

However, it’s still region-locked for some people. It means some countries can’t download the app directly to their phones. But you don’t have to worry since they are primarily a website and browser extension.


How Does Vendoo Work?

You can have Vendoo on your browser. Download the extension, logged into your account, and connect it to your accounts on several marketplaces. It only takes less than one minute to set it up. Then you can start expanding your reach to maximize your marketing.

How Does Vendoo Work?
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Vendoo protects your data, so you don’t have to worry about losing your login details. Another thing you don’t have to worry about having to constantly check the websites individually. Vendoo will do all of the heavy liftings for you.

Vendoo Price List

With only as low as $0 you can start using them to improve your business. Yes, you read that right, Vendoo offers a free subscription service.

Vendoo Price List
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In addition to the free trial period, you can sign up for a free account and choose add-ons. At any rate, this is a perfect solution for you who only recently started.

Vendoo also has several add-ons for you who want some extra perks. Their add-ons start at $4.99 each, and the bundle for all add-ons is less than $15.

With the add-ons, you can cross-list your items to all marketplaces instead of only three for each item. You also can bulk edit the item list or import it from other marketplaces.

For more information about the membership pricing, here we give you the list:

Plan Price What You Get
Starter Plan $8.99/mo 25 items
Simple Plan $19.99/mo 125 items
Plus Plan $29.99/mo 250 items
Pro Plan $49.99/mo 600 items
Advanced Plan $99.99/mo 2000 items
Expert Plan $149.99/mo 4000 items

Vendoo Plan Include

  • High-Resolution Image Editing, Hosting, & Resizing
  • Unlimited Crossposting & Inventory Storage
  • Downloadable Inventory Spreadsheets
  • Cross posting to 10 marketplaces
  • Inventory Management & Custom Labels
  • Stale Listing Reminders
  • SellHound Price Checker Tool
  • Profit Tracking & Business Analytics
  • Live Customer Support 7 Days a Week
  • Custom Listing Templates & Default Preferences

What Platforms Does Vendoo Work With?

For the moment, Vendoo works with some of the leading marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. All There is no limit on how many marketplaces you can cross-list on an account. If you have a marketplace you use more and want to see on your Vendoo dashboard, you can always reach out to the team to suggest the marketplace.

Vendoo vs. List Perfectly

Many people think Vendoo is an obvious competitor to List Perfectly since both offer a similar service of cross-listing. But the app has several perks its competitor doesn’t have, mainly on the subscription options.

Vendoo vs. List Perfectly
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Vendoo provides the same features for free users, from starters to expert plans. The only difference is the number of items you can add to the list every month.

Below are a list of the differences between the two of them:

  Vendoo List Perfectly
Downloadable Inventory Spreadsheets
Crossposting to 10 marketplaces (3 marketplaces per item)
Unlimited Crossposting & Inventory Storage Varies by plan
High-Resolution Image Hosting, Editing & Resizing Only available on Business + Pro Plans
Profit Tracking & Business Analytics Only available on Business + Pro Plans

Vendoo Customers Review

What Do Customers Think?

It will be completed if you take customer reviews into your consideration before purchasing a thing. Thus, we specially made this section to show you what Vendoo customers think about its features.

We get all of this review from its official store, and one of them is delighted with how helpful the software is, as he said:

The app is amazing, and very helpful. If I have a question I always get a response in minutes. As a solo owner, it can be hard doing everything by myself… with the help of Vendoo, I save so much time, and I can post more on multiple marketplaces.

Another commented about the benefit of using this software: making a listing a blast.

As a reseller on multiple platforms, Vendoo has changed the game for my business. It allows me to list, relist, crosspost and import my listing in a matter of seconds! It has streamlined the entire process in an easy-to-use platform and saves me hours upon hours of listing and crossposting time!

Overall, Vendoo software is in its customers’ hearts for the benefit and pricing. Now, it’s time for you to get the benefit of it.

How To Contact Vendoo

It’s easy to get in touch with the brand’s customer team; all you have to do is just fill in the form, including your name, email, and message. And the team will respond to all of your messages only on business days.

And if you have any inquiries regarding the features or anything else, you can visit the Vendoo help center since it has several blogs or articles and Vendoo FAQ page for several questions and answer that discuss some things that you might ask.

Where To Access Vendoo

The only place to get the benefit of Vendoo software is on its official site. There, you can see the pricing along with the excellent features that you can choose based on your preferences.


Here are several questions that you may wonder about all of the Vendoo services.

What are the payment methods that Vendoo accepts?

They accept all types of credit cards payment. And with the free trial period, you can always try all of their features before purchasing any plan.

Is there any warranty?

Vendoo doesn’t have any warranty for their services. But their refund policy is clearly limited to software or technical issue. If you’re only curious about what the software can do, you are free to subscribe to the free plan.

Is Vendoo Worth It?

The easy answer is yes. As you can adjust your subscription to meet your business meets, Vendoo will always be there to help you be on everyone’s radar.

Is Vendoo Legit?

The website has a high trust score on numerous scam watcher websites. Their customer service team is active and available 7 days a week. They will answer your questions immediately to ensure the best services.


We guess it’s obvious how Vendoo can improve your business. You can always reap the benefits of using their services.

With all of the features on price and flexibility it has on pricing and marketplaces, you can have the maximum view and sales with minimum effort.

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