Instaread Reviews

What is the meaning of Instaread?

Reading a book requires an extended period, especially if the pages are thick. But thanks to Instaread, this 2016-released application by Vishnu Chapalamadugu gives shortcuts for only 15 minutes of reading. 

Instaread Reviews
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This app offers more than a thousand collections, from fiction to non-fiction. Furthermore, you can enjoy the book in text form or listen to it in audio

You may even read best-selling non-fiction books such as Sapiens, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Atomic Habits, etc. Meanwhile, Pride and Prejudice have become one of this app’s most-read fiction classic books. 

The company provides excellent features, which you can see on Forbes, Mashable, and TNW. Millions proved its efficiency, so the brand gained more than 89K followers on Facebook. 

So if you want to dig deeper into this Instaread review, look no further than continue your reading in this post. Hence, get ready, and let’s move to the following section now! 

Why Use Instaread?

Installing an application is easy, but what are the reasons to subscribe to this app? I’ll tell you the good points of this brand below. 

Why Use Instaread?
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Instaread Highlights 

  • Available in PC, Android, and iOS systems
  • Offers 1000 collections of books from non-fiction, fiction, articles, originals from the app, and magazines  
  • Writes key insights, essential characters, and perspective before reading the book
  • Offers flashcards to remind you of the plots
  • User-friendly app and offers a 7-day free trial for beginners
  • Experts write every summary collections 
  • Clients may read the text or listen to the entire audiobook

What's On Instaread

Since we are focusing on the reading application, this section will allow you to see what you need to know about this brand. 

What's On Instaread
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This Instaread review will focus on three discussions, are:

  • Book Category
  • Features Reviews
  • App Reviews

Without waiting any longer, let’s jump into the first discussion now! 

Instaread Book Category Reviews

Book lovers must know that genres are essential since everyone has preferred ones. Furthermore, you would not spend money on an application that does not have your genre. 

Instaread Book Category Reviews
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So here are the main genres you can read or listen to through this app. 

Business and Economics Self-Help
Politics Health and Fitness
Fiction Science
Religion Sports and Recreation

Furthermore, you may also read these categories:

  • Exclusive Articles contain posts from Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Encyclopaedia Britannia, The BridgeMaker, etc. 
  • Instaread Originals contain Success Stories and Short Cuts from the most relevant topic. 

Due to this wide variety of genres, you can read and listen to whatever you want. So, what book will you read first? 

Instaread Features Reviews

After understanding the book genres, you can read through this application; let’s see what features you can get from installing it. 

Then, please take a look at them in the list below. 

  • Read or listen thoroughly from your smartphone, desktop, or tablet
  • Available for online or offline access
  • The reading mode takes up to 15 minutes
  • Listening to an audiobook requires around 22 minutes to complete 
  • Create your library to enhance your preferred title 

So not only can you enjoy your desired books, but also you will benefit from installing the app on your gadgets. 

Instaread App Reviews

Now, this section will discuss the application itself. Luckily, it is available in iOS and Android, allowing you to use it on every system. 

Additionally, you may download it for free! This app has a 4.6/5 rating out of 7.5K reviews. Clients can access the reading or audiobook online and offline. 

Suppose you are too busy to read, the audiobook will be a game-changer. Once you install this app, you can start enjoying the features. Hence, let’s download it for free by clicking the link below now! 

Instaread Pricing

Is Instaread free?

You need to consider the subscription fee if you want to read summaries from this application. Luckily, you may experience a 7-day free trial for full access! 

During this period, clients may rethink purchasing premium features. If you are interested, prepare a budget of $8.99 to pay monthly or get a more affordable price of $89.99 annually. 

How do Instaread Work?

Alright, this section will tell you the procedure for utilizing this application. So please read the explanation carefully to learn it well. 

  1. First, you must log in to your account, whether it is on mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  2. Choose the genres you are going to read and seek your preferable title.
  3. After that, select your mode between the text or audio 
  4. That’s it! You may enjoy your desired book right away. 

Remember to look for a comfortable seat to get new insights efficiently. Hence, are you ready to read your favorite author’s work? 

Instaread vs. Blinkist vs. Headway

Which is better Blinkist, Instaread or Headway?

Many applications provide similar features, such as Blinkist and Headway. Below, I will differentiate between the three in a simple table. So, here we go! 

Instaread Blinkist Headway

Provides fiction and non-fiction

7-day free trial

$8.99 monthly premiums

$89.99 annual subscription 

30-day cancellation policy

Provides only non-fiction books

7-day free trial

$14.99 monthly premiums

$99.99 annual subscription

14-day cancellation policy

Provides only non-fiction books


$14.99 monthly premiums

$89.99 annual subscription


Hence, which of them attracts you the most? 

Instaread Jobs

How do you make money on Instaread?

Not only can this reading application provide book summaries, but also it opens calls for summary submissions. Here are the requirements:

  • Each summary must contain 1000 to 1500 words
  • Must recap critical insights of the classic and latest genre 
  • Submit the work at the Submission Page 

The team will heartily appreciate your work if your summary fulfills the requirements. Thus, you may earn money up to $100 for each submitted work. So, are you interested in getting more from this app?  

Instaread Pros and Cons

In the middle of this Instaread review, I will write the pros and cons. Then, without waiting any longer, here they are.

Instaread Pros

  • Easy-to-use reading application
  • Compatible with iOS and Android systems
  • Suitable for mobile, PC, and tablets
  • Offers non-fiction and fiction collections
  • Features articles from reputable media
  • Affordable plan monthly and annually
  • Written by professional writers
  • Available in text and audiobook
  • Takes only 15 to 20 minutes to complete the reading

Instaread Cons

  • The book collection may be less than another competitor 

Is Instaread Worth It?

As discussed previously, this company has many competitors. But I must say that Instaread is worth installing. The application is free and is compatible with many gadgets and systems. 

In addition, you can read whatever you want in less than 15 minutes. Clients can choose their desired books, from non-fiction to academic articles to fiction. So, what are you waiting for? 

Is Instaread Legit?

Legitimacy is essential because you cannot install any application that harms your gadgets. Luckily, this company is legit; you can download it freely through all systems. 

Even though the website does not provide information concerning the founder, you can get it through Crunchbase and find its profile through LinkedIn. Furthermore, it attaches the headquarters address allowing you to visit. 

If you are worried about the rating or testimonials, you may check them out on the Play Store or App Store. Therefore, read them thoroughly and start downloading the app right away! 

Instaread Customer Reviews

What do customers think?

I know you will wait a long time before downloading the application. So, this section will let you understand the testimonials from users. 

Instaread Customer Reviews
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Currently, it receives a 4.6/5 rating of 7.5K customer reviews on the Apps Store. Whereas in Google Play Store, it gets a 3.8/5 rating of 764 reviews since it is just released. 

Here is what a customer said: 

This app is THE best reading app out there. For instance, you could buy a lifetime subscription so you would never have to worry about losing any data. The support is awesome! …

This client claims that app from this company is magnificent. Furthermore, users would not lose any data if they purchased a lifetime subscription. Also, the customer service is helpful. 

Another one said:

This app is much worth the cost. I’ve learned so much from the book summaries, and the general life success tips shared. You won’t be disappointed with this service.

This client stated the worth after spending money on the app since she can get many insights. Also, she encourages another client to download the item because it would not disappoint. 

To conclude, Instaread is perfect for anyone who needs to read fast and get more insights. You would not get disadvantageous at all. Instead, your money is well-spent! 

Instaread Contact

If you want assistance from customer service, don’t hesitate to contact the team at the following steps. 

The team will immediately help within 24 hours. Furthermore, you may also visit the headquarter at the following address. 

Instaread Inc Address
353 Sacramento St
San Fransisco, CA, US

Where to Access Instaread

Clients can access the book summary through three gadgets: mobile, tablet, and desktop. You must also install the application to read your desired fiction or non-fiction books. 

Please avoid installing mod apk because it does not come from the original company. Hence, click the link below to get the original application from the brand now! 


Reading is not difficult anymore because you can finish the book in only about 20 minutes. Additionally, Instaread lets you read whatever title you desire. 

Not only is this application free to download, but also it is easy to use. Merely check out the subscription you like, and get insights through the text or audiobook. Hence, let’s download the app right away! 

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