FitBudd Reviews

FitBudd, founded in 2021, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing a platform for fitness coaches to grow worldwide. Saumya Mittal is the founder who comes up with this innovative idea. 

FitBudd Reviews
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She tends to assist coaches with excellent branding through the customizable dashboards in an app and website. Not only is the feature suitable for coaches, but also clients can use it efficiently due to the initiative interface. 

The platform has five top genres: PT, Nutritionists, Zumba Coaches, Dance Instructors, and Yoga Instructors. Many coaches hear about its reputation and become clients, resulting in more than 5.6K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

So if you want to know more about this SaaS company, read the following sections of this FitBudd review. Hence, let’s begin! 

Why Use FitBudd?

This section will discuss the company’s strengths which may benefit all users, the fitness coach, or clients. If you have an eye and want to know more, keep reading! 

Why Use FitBudd?
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FitBudd Highlights 

  • Indian-based company
  • Rated 4.6/5 stars by coaches worldwide
  • Suitable for beginners or professional fitness trainers
  • Two subscription plans in Silver and Gold
  • Affordable plans monthly and annually
  • Customizable designs on the app and website 
  • Self-branding for coaches to engage more clients 
  • The app is ready to use in 10 days
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Perfect for trainers, nutritionists, meal planners, etc

What's On FitBudd

You read enough on the brand’s introductions. For now, I will open the discussion on more profound topics. 

What's On FitBudd
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This FitBudd review concentrates on these three, are:

  • Plan 
  • Features
  • App 

Are you all-ears? Then, let’s get started! 

FitBudd Plan Reviews

Currently, there are two plans that fitness coaches can choose from Gold and Silver. So what are the differences between both? Find them in the table below. 

Here they are. 

Gold Silver
  • Perfect branding for fitness coaches
  • 20 clients per month
  • Complete branding on iOS and Android
  • Custom branding on the website with your URL
  • Can sell plans on app and website
  • Free setup configurations
  • Supported via email, chat, and zoom

Additional Features

  • Unlimited video calling with clients
  • Complimentary data migration
  • Separate logins for all group members
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Ten clients per month 
  • Partially customizable on iOS and Android
  • Custom branding on the website with your URL
  • Only sell plans on the website
  • No additional setup cost
  • Only email and chat support 


These two plans allow you to adjust according to your conditions. Hence, click the link below to enjoy a 30-day free trial now! 

FitBudd Features Reviews

Besides offering plans, this application has several features you can utilize to brand yourself as a fitness coach. What are they? 

FitBudd Features Reviews
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These are the spotlight features: 

Unlimited clients Pre-bundled exercise compilation
Pervasive food collection Limitless video uploading
Direct payment from clients Personalization and Branding
Realtime messaging in-app 1-on-1 scheduling video calls
Efficient integration Easy-to-use payment plans
Notifications and reminders Analysis and insights on data
Updates on regular apps 24/7 customer service support

Whatever workout type you are doing, you can use all the abovementioned features. 

FitBudd App Reviews

You may download an app from this company besides using a website. It is available for free on iOS and Android systems. Also, the platform is easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface and sleek UI. 

FitBudd App Reviews
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Users can use more than 100 beneficial features to achieve their goals. Coaches and clients have different characteristics, but they are relatable to each other.

If fitness coaches can set up their branding and courses with clients, what about the client’s features? These are the different features for the clients. 

  • Personalized Workout Plan
  • Nutrition, Hydration, and Habits 
  • Instant Messaging and Video Calls with Chosen Coaches
  • Easy Check-ins and Real-time Updates
  • Keep in Progress
  • Wearable Integration 

Luckily, this app will keep you on track and stay progressive even though you cannot meet your clients. Thus, let’s download the app to begin your journey to becoming healthier than before! 

FitBudd Pricing

As discussed previously, this brand offers two different plans. Below, I’ll break down the cost so you can prepare the budget. Here we go!

  Monthly Annually
Gold $29/month $1,188 $999
Silver $99/month $348   $299

Then, please consider which plan suits your situation best. After that, visit the link below to subscribe to your preferred plan! 

How Does FitBudd Work?

The brand’s founder has innovative ideas which benefit fitness coaches and the app’s users. But how does the app work for those different targets? 

Below I’ll tell you the procedures. 

For Fitness Coaches For Clients or Users
  1. First, create an account on the official website
  2. Purchase your preferred plan and complete the payment 
  3. Customize your website and app to the features you offer 
  4. Then, decide the price of hiring your ability
  5. Promote yourself with excellent branding 
  6. Gain clients and make their schedules
  7. After that, start coordinating with your clients through the website and the app.
  8. That’s it. You may do your job and earn money!
  1. First, download the app on your mobile
  2. Create an account or start logging in
  3. Then, search for your preferable fitness coach
  4. Tell them your goals for losing weight, staying fit, and others.
  5. Afterward, complete your payment if you match with the coach
  6. Ask for their assistance to reach your goal 
  7. Start working out or scheduling meal plans
  8. Last, stay consistent and stay healthy!  

Simply put, the process is simple and efficient. Either coaches or clients can utilize all features for their benefit. 

FitBudd vs Everfit vs Trainerize

Who are FitBudd competitors?

This company has many competitors that offer similar features. Many search the internet using keywords like vs Everfit or vs Trainerize Reddit. 

So if you are looking for a comparison, here it is. 

FitBudd Everfit Trainerize

30-day free trial

The gold plan starts with 20 clients

Starts from $29/month

Stripe and PayPal


The pro plan starts with five clients

Starts from $19/month


30-day free trial

The pro plan starts with five clients

Starts from $22/month

Trainerize Pay payment method

So, which of them attracts you the most? 

FitBudd Careers

This company is recruiting for some positions. Currently, there are four open positions you can apply for through LinkedIn.

Additionally, you will benefit from the application since they are divided into on-site and remote. The site locates in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. 

Remember that you need to work during US working hours. So if you are interested in applying for the job, prepare your best cover letter now! 

FitBudd Pros and Cons

This FitBudd review lets you see this company’s good and bad points. Then, take a closer look at the explanation of the pros and cons below. 

FitBudd Pros

  • Intuitive applications for fitness coaches and clients 
  • Perfect for branding the beginner or professional coach users
  • Customizable workout and meal plans library
  • Accessible through the website and application
  • 30-day free trial
  • Monthly and annually subscribing plans
  • 100+ features 
  • Cancel anytime 

FitBudd Cons

  • No company profiles and customer reviews on the official website 

Is FitBudd Worth It?

Branding yourself as a personal trainer or coach is not easy. But thanks to FitBudd, this company is worth downloading because it allows you to gain more clients elegantly. 

You can also customize your website and application look based on your preferred design. Thus, fitness coaches have the privilege of promoting themselves and earn much money! 

Is FitBudd Legit?

If you are worried about the legitimacy of this company, there is no need to do that because FitBudd is legit. It has an SSL-secured website with complete information. 

Although you cannot read the company profile, the website provides a credible contact to get in touch. Whenever you need assistance, merely contact the team that is 24/7 ready for you.  

FitBudd Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Before closing this FitBudd review, I will write you feedback from coaches and clients who use the features. After that, you may consider whether to subscribe to the plans. 

FitBudd Customer Reviews
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As this article implies, the company receives a 4.5/5 rating on GetApp and Capterra. Here is one piece of feedback to fulfill your curiosity. 

Definitely makes handling online training much more easier. It takes the fear out of scaling your business to deal with larger number of clients

This trainer finds the company’s features efficient and can gain more clients. 

Another feedback said: 

… I’d recommend making this app for the trainer to be more feature rich to include being able to implement the things into clients plans

This coach recommends creating an app to have more features. As a result, you can arrange your client’s plan neatly. 

Long story short, FitBudd gets high stars from almost all customers. In addition, many coaches are satisfied with the features and able to gain more clients, resulting in their career development. 

FitBudd Contact

If you have more questions concerning this fitness application, please get in touch with customer service at the steps below. 

The team is available 24/7, so you can ask whenever you need assistance. Furthermore, below is the headquarter of this application company. 

FitBudd Inc Address
16192 Coastal Hwy
Lewes, DE 19958 US

Where to Access FitBudd

Fitness coaches can access this application through the official website and application. But first, please sign up for an account and log in.

Afterwards, you can customize your plan to gain clients through your dashboard. The more you make well-made designs, the more you can engage more clients. 


Making a new look of yourself as a trainer coach is easy because of the excellent features of FitBudd. This SaaS company allows you to customize a website and app for engaging new clients. 

Furthermore, you can easily arrange your plan and features with an intuitive interface. Hence, are you interested in getting more clients? Then, make your app now! 

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