What Is The Work Of The Core Processor

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What is the function of the processor in mobile?

Hey, Guys as we all know how important the processor plays whether it is a smartphone or a computer and laptop if the processor in your phone is useless.

So understand that your mobile is useless whenever it comes to the processor in a smartphone, it is said that this smartphone is made of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 10nm meter technology.

And whenever it comes to the iPhone processors, the A12 is the Bio No Chief set which is a 7nm processor, finally, it is as many processors as the Snapdragon 845nm Snapdragon 660nm Apple A12nm.

When we get to know about all these, then we will feel that we should buy which mobile with chipset processor and which should not be bought, then today I will tell everyone about which processor will be the best for our smartphone.

What is the processor?


If you have any question in your mind, then read this post thoroughly and understand that it will solve all your problems, after all, what is the processor, what is its main role, and how much important role does 10nm 12nm 14nm play?

Before knowing all these, you have to understand the processor, what is the work of the processor and how much role it plays in your mobile. Understand in words

For example, such as processing and working, suppose you use any app on your mobile or play games, watch photos, watch movies, or get information about a website on a browser in every way. If you use the app, then your processor does all this work.

If your mobile phone does not have a processor, then your mobile will not do any work when you open the game on your mobile, how quickly the game is opening. Or how fast you are working, then all this work is done by the processor itself.

If you understand in a more simple way, we take a motorcycle. You all know that the motorcycle has the most important engine in your motorcycle.

And it is well modified, so your motorcycle will run very smoothly. If the engine of your motorcycle is of a useless company and given local parts in it, then you can understand that your bike will stop intermittently or maybe

The whole Depends Likewise, the entire Depend depends on the engine of your vehicle, how your car will run and how it will not run. Similarly, your processor also works in mobile

If a good company processor is used in your mobile, then your mobile will work very well. If the processor of a useless company is used, then your phone will work slow and also hang in between.

What is the processor?

When it comes to the processor, it is very important to know first of all, or processor Octa-Core Quad-core, Dual-core whenever we ask about any processor.

That the professor who has been engaged in it is Octa-Core Quad-core, Dual-core or not. What is Core after all? If we say it in the simple language then there is a kind of processor unit.

Or is it a part of the processor that functions as a full processor, if your processor is dual-core then it is divided into two parts?

And if your processor is of quad-core, then it is divided into four parts and your processor is Octa-Core, then it is divided into 8 parts i.e. it will have eight small processors.

What is the processor?

What Is The Work Of The Core Processor?

We also understand this as an examination of what is the work of the processor in the core. A person has been given a task by a person, that person is doing that work alone.

And it took him 10 hours to complete that task, if the same work was done by two people, then that work would be completed in 5 hours. Similarly, if this work was done by 8 people i.e. 8 Core, and give different tasks to everyone If given, you would have completed that work in 1 hour comfortably.

Each Core is doing different tasks, so it will save your time, the work will also be quicker, which was the burden on a person, it will not fall on it. Similarly, in your smartphone, the processor is installed inside

That core is divided into different tasks, the more core the smart phone’s processor will be, the faster your phone will work.

So that there will not be much load on your phone and your phone will do every task very fast and with ease. I think you must have understood my point that the most important of the processors are installed in your Android phone. What is the role

What are the types of processors

There are four types of processors
1.Qualcomm Snapdragon
2.Media Tek Helio
3.Samsung Exynos
4.Hisilicon Kirin

1.Qualcomm Snapdragon

SnapDragon Processor, First of all, we have to know who made this Snapdragon processor and which processor it came in. This company started the process of making the processor in 2005 and this company made the system chip professor in 2006.

What is the processor?


As I told you that it was a professor launched in 2007, at that time our smartphone had 500 megahertz processors which did not support 720-pixel videos on our mobile.

Also, the camera did not have good quality photos, SnapDragon Company is a very old and big company, it used to design CPU first.
It used to make processors for mobiles and sold them to mobile companies. At that time, they made professors for Android phones and Windows phones.