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Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Mod Apk in which you are being given (Unlimited Money) for free Android this game has been completely modified. You can enjoy this game to the fullest by downloading this Game or is a 100% secure MOD APK. Within this Game, you are being given Unlimited Money and Mod absolutely free.

Mafia Inc – Idle Tycoon Mod Features

-Unlimited Money
-Unlimited Diamonds
-Unlimited Resources
-One hit kill
-God mode
-Unlimited money
Mafia Inc.- Idle Tycoon Mod For Android Game Boy Android Police coverage: Mafia Inc.
Mod For ‘Idle Tycoon’ For Game Boy Has Been Released The original Idle Tycoon game for Game Boy is a great example of how console-quality gameplay can shine on a tiny device.
The Valkyria Chronicles developer, MercurySteam, was tasked with remaking the game on Android.
Now, they’ve released a mod, known as Mafia Inc., that transforms the original into a top-down shooter with interesting visuals.

Mafia Inc.- Idle Tycoon Mod Apk New Update

Featuring a cinematic narrative that takes place at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Mafia Inc.
is the ultimate handheld experience featuring all the gameplay, art, and themes of the original. Journey through a zombie-infested New York as a rookie mafia don.
Use underhanded tactics to climb to the top of the mafia and become a mafia legend. This is mob business on the go

What does the legendary 1987 Nintendo Game Boy game Chrono Trigger have in common with a 2006 PSP port of Sega’s classic JRPG, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2?

Both are playable in a tabletop strategy game for Android. Spartan Saga 2: Stronghold Heroes doesn’t feature the original game’s concept of time travel and alternate dimensions, but it is a Game Boy game done right.

From the creators of the critically acclaimed Rime comes Spartan Saga 2: Stronghold Heroes!

Adapted from the critically acclaimed PSX2 RPG Chrono Trigger, the classic RPG rules are recreated in your hands.

In classic RPG fashion, you battle your way through a spellbinding campaign, while clearing up any minor missteps along the way.

Join the world of crime, dirty money, gangster, and insidious Capo in Mafia Inc. 

simulation game to plunge into the most exciting Mafia adventure of the criminal century.

You will become either the kingpin of the criminal underworld and build your own Mafia empire or the whole city’s prey.


🔫 Operate insidious businesses: The more money you have, the more terrifying and respectful you are!

Make tons of money from establishing and running casinos, lotto centers, black markets, or even a brothel empire!

🔫 Expand your territory: Build your own kingdom by occupying streets, dominating other mafia clans.

Tear down anyone that stands in your way, and recruit loyal minions to handle your dirty work.

🔫 Construct your own gang: Gather talented Capos to carry out your bidding and fight together to rule the Mafia world.

🔫 Build your own criminal profile: Grow from a no-name gang into an international crime syndicate by taking protection fees, robbing the banks, stealing anything from any one of your choices.

🔫 Become the best criminal kingpin: Be a benevolent boss or a ruthless crime lord and make your own rules.

This idle tycoon manager game is super fun and simple to play. Let’s build or kill with just a click!

PLAY NOW to form your crime family and enjoy the fantastic wealth.