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Farlight 84 Game About

Farlight 84, is an exhilarating free-to-play shooter game with multiple modes! There’s more to the game than classic Battle Royale!

Hunt, or Be Hunted? Beyond Battle Royale. Search and Follow Farlight 84 on YouTube and Instagram right now for exclusive community events and prizes!

Farlight 84 Game Features

Spectacular Vehicles
Four-legged? Hovering? Turreted? War SUV? Super racecar? We have everything, and more! The speed and firepower of these vehicles allow for more possibilities on the battlefield.

Funky Capsules
Can’t stand one-dimensional characters? Introducing 14 new friends with distinctive personalities! Choose your friends, rally your team, and fight for victory!

Four Weapon Manufacturers
The Big Four manufacturers Prism Technology, 9A Corporation, Murphy Security, and Wasteland Spirit supply survivors with a myriad of spectacular weapons. Each weapon has a unique skill, so say goodbye to conventional gunfights and say hello to mind-blowing tactics!

Player-Owned Home
Build your own paradise in the game to your liking! Play matches, upgrade it, unlock advanced items, and invite friends over for a party in the Wasteland!

Yes, Air Battles
Soar up high, swerve in midair, and open fire! Jetpacks bring you a fantastic and never-before-seen shooting experience! Propel forward or upward in the thick of battle to dodge those projectiles in style! By the way, don’t forget to charge your Jetpack with Energy!

Multiple Game Modes
Aside from the Classic 4v4 Battle Royale, there’s also HUNT! Hunt down your target before you fall prey to someone else!

Ranked Game
Play ranked games and achieve glory with your friends. The top spot of the leaderboard is yours to take! Survive, and anything will be possible!

Farlight 84 since its launch has caused a stir in public opinion. There are many reasons for people to talk about Farlight 84: a game mixed with MOBA with Battle Royale, a post-apocalyptic zombie battle that is funny, has beautiful colors, etc. Besides, the gameplay of this game is first-person shooter gameplay.


The post-apocalyptic world in Farlight 84 unfolds extremely vibrantly. You didn’t read it wrong, it’s really exciting. There’s a deadly viral infection that turns all of humanity into zombies, which in this game it’s called Zomborgs.

Your mission is to fight hard with these transforming zombies. Farlight 84 has a lot of different weapons for players. Depending on the character selected, the guns will vary accordingly. Everyone should read carefully the description of skills and weapons to choose exactly with your forte.

Battle Royale Combined With MOBA is A Big Surprise

Farlight 84 is also a battle royale game full of MOBA. Players are in a battle with up to 39 other players, shooting at the Zomborgs, whoever survives in the end wins.

But it also combines MOBA in that each player will control a hero character with different skills and moves. And there is an ideal squad to freely choose champions. In addition, we can also create weapons and first aid kits.

The movement of the characters in this game is also very unique. Fast speed, each character has a different movement. And the main highlight is the support vehicles in the battle such as “multi-legged” off-road vehicles, jet skis, skateboards.

These bunker cars don’t just “makeover” to make the character cooler. It also gives your character more advantages when approaching the target, or avoiding the attacks of the Zomborgs.

Farlight 84 will put players on a huge map, which is divided into many small areas. The map holds up to 40 players. And players can choose the mode to play, there are 2 modes in this game: solo mode and 4v4 team mode.

It can be said that Farlight 84 itself is a completely different Battle Royale, this game has many ambitions to make players know more about this survival fighting genre.

Characters Are Diverse, Weird, And Very Funny

The characters in Farlight 84, in my opinion, are very diverse. Each character has their own skills. Along the way, you can also upgrade according to achievements.

When fighting, in addition to using the weapons given, the character also has 2 skills to support their combat such as being able to parachute, loot weapons, run fast, fly high, glide quickly with a magnetic buffer system, a jet system… So the gun battles are now free to roam, combining both fighting and shooting, increasing the attractiveness of the whole game.

As for the character’s means of transportation, it creates an extremely chaotic, but extremely exciting situation. There are too many surprises when playing. Each player will make highly personal choices, and it is impossible to predict who is going to do what. The game is therefore full of unpredictable experiences.

Graphics And Sound

Farlight 84 designs all images and effects through modern 3D Engine Unreal technology. The fun, witty cartoon style hidden in the post-apocalyptic context also makes players more curious.

I also highly appreciate this game’s brilliantly detailed combat scenes. Fragments fly, bullets scatter, realistic physical effects, epic explosions… Playing this game and you can feel like you are watching an action movie.

Everything in Engine Unreal seems to come from the future world. From the costumes, shaping, to the equipment and weapons carried on the body, it will make you feel the vibe of fiction and future. There is no such thing as a miserable mess like in many zombie shooting games that you have ever known.

The characters in Farlight 84 look funny, cool, with an accessory that is a yellow swimming float instead of a belt. This creates a lot of laughter and surprises for players, even when it is set in the zombie apocalypse context.