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Demolition Derby 3 Mod Apk For Android Game

In Demolition Derby 3 Game, you are being given Unlimited Money, which people are very fond of. Here is an android Mod Apk that works with the most awesome Apk games for people. The game is available on this site. Download Demolition Derby 3 Mod Apk Android Game today and enjoy it. There are more action-packed games available on this site all come with Mod Apk


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The new “Demolition Derby 3” game features many requests by players from our previous game and many of the same features that helped DD2 reach over 15 million downloads!

• Multiplayer (Beta)

• 75+ Vehicles

• 20+ Tracks and Demolition arenas.

• Upgrade your car’s performance

• Customize your vehicles

• Drive in first-person mode

• Daily rewards

New features will be coming soon!

• Campaign Mode

• Custom Multiplayer Events

• More garage upgrades

• Deeper reward system

• And much more

Absolutely LOVE the game.

I have yet to find a demo derby game with good soft-body physics, and there isn’t much I would say about the game.

However, I did see that in my review I should leave a car if I want to see it in-game and since I’m leaving a 5-star review,

I would appreciate it if you guys could add a DMC DeLorean. Not the Back to the future one, just a normal DeLorean. Thanks!

Alright. An updated review. I’d still love to see the city map from DD2 here.

I still stand by that. Also, the game is still quite lacking in the auditory department.

I’d also like to mention how the Stormer and Stormer Laguna are severely downgraded in this game compared to DD2.

Every engine sounds poor, and the variety in music is virtually nonexistent, so you might as well play on mute.

But to be fair, the amount of variety in vehicles is nothing to be laughed at, including the customization.

I hate the replay camera, you cant change it. I like playing with stock engine races.

It’s way more challenging and really fun. I replay the whole race and watch it.

But the orbit camera sometimes got blocked by structures near the track.

I hate it, there should be a way to change the perspective while watching a replay.

The highly underrated game I love the game and it’s pretty easy to earn money mostly the Derbys but there are some flaws like

I feel that you lose your bumpers too fast no matter what bumper you have even the plow,

the next flaw I would like to point out is that when there are few ai left in demo derby matches they get stuck against wrecked cars

and don’t move sometimes but this gets fixed if you go behind them so they target you. Also please add a Lamborghini like in demo derby 2.

Pretty fun. Although this game could use more vehicle upgrades. I wanna be able to upgrade EVERYTHING on my cars.

I like it when games have multiple upgrades and different brands of products.

Then players can have their own side auction or just a used discount parts store where you can buy and sell used parts.

This game has a TON of potential with just a few added updates. A monster truck track would be really fun too.

I enjoy the game thoroughly, I enjoy demolition and racing; still waiting for a career mode, can’t wait for that!

1 problem I think is a bit of a niche problem and that is adding a respawn from the last checkpoint,

I’ll accidentally drive off the road and crash in a tight space like a tree or in a ditch and I can’t move.

Anyway, other than that I could also just get good at driving cause I’m actually pretty bad even though the controls are super good.