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4 July 2022
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Big Winner Lucky Win App About

Big Winner Mod Apk in which you are being given (Unlimited Money/Cash Bonus/Real Cash) For Free Android this Game has been completely modified. You can enjoy this game to the fullest by downloading this Game or is a 100% secure MOD APK. Within this Game, you are being given Unlimited Money and Bonus absolutely free.

Big Winner is an earning app from where you can earn a lot of money, how to earn money, I will give you complete information, this Big Winner app is a very good app. Where people are earning lakhs of rupees a day, that too without spending Rs.1 in a few hours when I used the Big Winner app myself and saw how much money can be made in it.

So I was surprised to know that people are earning lakhs of rupees in 1 day, just you have to play the games inside it correctly and how to play it Today I will tell you in my post, first of all, you have to download the Big Winner app and then create your account, which is very easy.

To download the Big Winner app, you have two options, the first option is Google, where you search the Big Winner app, you will find many links, you can download from any link. This is a bit tricky because some links do not work. Another option is Playstore from where you can install it directly, which is absolutely free.

It is very easy to create an account in the Big Winner app. When you download the app and open it, then you have three options. The first option is the mobile number, the second option is Facebook, the third option is Gmail, you can create your account from anyone you find easy. Then create your password and do not tell anyone, then your account will be completely compiled.

How To Earn Money From The Big Winner App

Big Winner Earning App Download And Win Real Money

To earn money from the Big Winner app, you have three options. All three options are the easiest because it has three types of games and in the application, you get to see a lot of games. Where people get confused about which game we play and who does not, in this round you will not be able to win money but in this, you will get to play only three games, which is the easiest and best option.

The first option is the lucky ball, when you click on the lucky ball, a chart will open in front of you, where the count from 0 to 9 will be written. When you listen to any one of these numbers and put your money on it, after that, your speech will rotate, man has taken the number 6 and the ball stops at number 6, then your money gets 8 times more.

If you put Rs.50 on number 6, then your money becomes 6 * 50 = 300 Rs.300 which is a lot of money. The second option is the poker king. When you open the poker king, a chart will open in front of you, in which you will see red and black as well as the betel leaf, the leaf of the spade, and the leaf of the briquette, and the joker will be written by the human. Heard the leaf And you put Rs.100 on it, then you have to click on the OK button as soon as the result comes after 30 seconds.

And if you get a leaf of spades, then your money becomes 3.2 times as much as 100 * 3.2 = 320 rupees. The third option is dice 3 when you click on the dice, then a chart will open in front of you, or small and big will be written on the top and a count from 3 to 18 will be written at the bottom, in which you can win the most money.

Because in this you have to double at every digit more than anywhere if you hear three numbers and throw the dice and your number comes three. So your money gets 150 times more as if you have invested Rs.500, then your money becomes 500 * 150 = 75000 rupees which is very much, just Rs.500 plus 75000 rupees, which you will not get in any app.

Big Winner Apps And How To Make More Money

Big Winner Earning App Download And Win Real Money

To earn more money from the Big Winner app, you see two options on the top side of the bonus and make money. When you click on the bonus, you get a day checking option. Where you get some free money for a few days, the second option is Make Money, when you click on Make Money, your referral court and link will appear in front of you.

Which you can share with your friends and whatever friend download from your link uses your referrer code and all the money that Big Winner wins. You get 10% of that which is a very good income. The third option is Gullak. When you complete the first level, you get Rs.30 and when you complete the second level, you get Rs.60.

The fourth option which is absolutely free, is you get a deposit, where you can deposit from Rs.100 to Rs.10000. If you deposit Rs.100, you get a 110% extra bonus in return. And if you deposit Rs.500, you get a 130% extra bonus and if you deposit Rs.10000, you get a 220% extra bonus. This is too much, and you will not see so much bonus on any application that is giving the Big Winner application.

How To Withdraw Money From The Big Win App

To withdraw money from the Big Winner app, you have to have a bank account, which will be with everyone, when you click on the withdrawal option, you will have a bank written in front of you.

When you click on the bank, you have to enter the complete details of your bank, then you can withdraw withdrawal from Rs.300 to Rs.10000 of the day, which will be credited to your bank account in a few hours.


Today I have given you information about the Big Winner app on your post, how you can earn money from this app, and how you can withdraw money from your bank, hope you liked my post.